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The preparation is everything when it comes to having the best beach BBQ.

Apart from the obvious; food, grill, and fuel, we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure your BBQ runs as smoothly as possible.

Choose grill-friendly meats; steaks, burgers, and sausages all cook rapidly, but a plump chicken breast takes much longer.

If possible, avoid cooking directly from the cool box; allowing your meat to warm up allows the center to cook more quickly and prevents charred outsides.

Before you go, double-check that the rolls are cut and buttered, that you have enough aluminium foil to wrap the food (and mop off the hot coals afterwards), and that you haven’t forgotten anything vital.

Before you leave, it’s probably a good idea to double-check that you are carrying everything.

Then choose your site. Our recommendation is to choose a more daring spot, but be sure to check the waves and wind before you go; nobody wants their BBQ ruined by an unexpected storm.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate location, create a protected area for your BBQ.

If it’s possible, raise your grill or cover some aluminium foil around the bottom to prevent sand from absorbing heat from the barbeque. Wind is the next greatest adversary; protect your BBQ with rocks or, if you have them, construct wind breaks to keep the gusts at bay.

A beach blanket is the most effective method of preventing sand from getting into the food.

Once the grill is hot, let the embers to cool completely before cooking. Cooking over an open flame result in burned exteriors and unsettled tummies.

Prepare the children to chase away any hungry seagulls and to unwrap food shortly before cooking to keep it secure from sand and birds.

Avoid poking your food too much because it takes time for a caramelized crust to form on top of it. To optimize flavor, only flip food once or twice. Allow your meat to rest if possible before eating it; this allows the fibers to relax and reabsorb juices before you consume.

Beaches are frequently taken for granted, with a large quantity of trash left on them following the Christmas season.

You should check to see if your beach has BBQ disposal containers, and use some water to assist cool down the embers once they’ve been burned down to prevent them from spreading.

Beach BBQ Recipes

Summer evenings are too short to waste, and grilling a few things after you’ve surfed completes the experience. Therefore, here are a few new recipes for a beach BBQ:

  • Fish

BBQs are ideal for cooking fresh fish, whether directly on the grill or wrapped in a packet.

If you want to try something different, place the fish in a foil bundle along with some veggies such as onions, and even a few olives. Sprinkle some salt and oil on top and wrap the fish tightly enough to allow for air circulation.

The fish will cook in the fluids and will taste infused with the flavors of the sauce.

  • Kebabs

Variation and spices are the keys to a perfect kebab.

If possible, prepare kebabs the evening before your barbecue and marinade them overnight. Consider sweet chilly sauces for meats and fresh flavors such as lemon or limes with garlic for seafood.

Halloumi cheese is also worth experimenting with, as it grills really nicely and is an excellent substitute for meat or fish. Combine the kebabs by adding fruit such as pineapple and peppers.

  • Salad

Barbecues are not just about the hot food; they also include the accoutrements.

Salad is frequently ignored as a part of the dinner, yet it pairs perfectly with burgers and kebabs.

Keep it simple with a rocket and tomato salad dressed with balsamic vinegar, or go all out with a couscous dish.

  • Seafood

Given your proximity to the ocean, a beach barbeque naturally calls for fresh seafood.

Barbecued prawns and shrimp taste incredible when drenched in black sauces such as reggae, huli, or even plain old soya.

Serve with fresh bread and salad for an easy-to-prepare meal.

Beach Barbecue Accessories/Items

The most self-evident thing on our list is a BBQ, as without it, you’ll be unable to cook. While you may need to bring your own in some cases, the beach will frequently offer an area dedicated for group meetings with built-in BBQ pits.

Check online to see if the beach you’re visiting has BBQ pits; if not, plan to bring your own. transporting a large BBQ is difficult and takes up a lot of valuable cargo room in your truck. Bring a small barbecue if possible.

Even though cooking for a large party will take longer, most people won’t mind waiting if they’re having a good time at the beach.

Using Charcoal or Natural Gas

There are certain cooks who are passionate about whether they utilize gas or charcoal for their cooking. For a beach BBQ, where there is frequently an ocean breeze, lighting charcoal and keeping it hot might be challenging. Gas is more convenient to transport and should produce a more even flame.

If you are using charcoal, take sure to extinguish the flames before discarding them in the dustbin. There will be no garbage fires! While gas is slightly easier to clean up, you must transport the tank home when you leave.

  • Brush Made of Wire

Don’t forget to bring a wire brush for cleaning the grill before and after cooking. It is a necessary tool for anyone barbecuing.

  • Spatula

A spatula is another necessary tool. You’ll need to turn those burgers and kabobs without being burned. This item is necessary since otherwise you would have to turn hamburgers using plastic utensils.

  • Knife for skewering kebabs

A skewer for kabobs is a piece of equipment that is entirely optional. While you can grill meat without a skewer, little vegetable pieces may fall through if not punctured with a skewer.

  • Cooler

A small cooler is absolutely necessary. Where else are you going to store all of those beers? The beach is frequently hot, and beverages such as beer, water, and soft drink can become scorching if left out in the sun.

Although ice chests come in a variety of sizes, a normal size (about 3 feet long) should contain enough beverages for a gathering. Additionally, the cooler is the optimal location for storing meat, vegetables, dip, and other perishable items.

  • Food and Beverages

In terms of food and beverages, ensure that you offer options for both meat eaters and vegans. Drinks should be a mixture of water, fruit juice, soda, and beer, but check with your beach to ensure alcohol is permitted. Numerous beaches have forbidden the consumption of alcohol on the beach owing to boisterous behaviour. You can consult the city’s policy against alcohol on the beach.

As an appetizer, chips or vegetables and dip should be available, while fruit salad, Greek salad, and other finger foods should accompany the grilled cuisine.

Everyone will be satisfied and delighted after eating cookies or brownies that you made yourself. Not to be forgotten are condiments and seasonings. Ketchup, and mayonnaise are essential for everyone, whereas salt, oil, and pepper are essential for grillers. Spices and condiments such as garlic powder, chili powder, and spicy sauce are all optional additions to the dish.

  • Chairs for the Beach

Additionally, you’ll need a few beach chairs. Bringing a few additional chairs for guests to relax on will help you and your guests feel more at ease.

  • Beach Towels

Towels will be required for swimming guests. Bring extra towels in case your guests forget theirs.

While towels can be used to sit and relax, we recommend these large beach blankets for parties. The nicest feature of beach blankets is that they fold up little and are easy to transport to and from the automobile.

Utensils and Plates are provided

No matter what you do, make sure to bring your beach BBQ plates and cups, as well as paper towels and utensils. Yes, I’ve made the mistake of forgetting these before, and things can become rather messy really rapidly!

To save money, use paper plates and cups, as well as plastic sporks and knives; but, if you want to be green, bring your own utensils from home (just make sure it doesn’t get lost on the beach).

After eating, silverware can be easily cleaned in the water or under a beach shower; however, avoid washing the dishes or plates in the ocean or under a beach shower (that would be excessive).

Make sure to bring paper towels (and no napkins) with you. Bring your own garbage bags to the beach, even though trashcans are likely to be there. This makes cleaning up much easier.

Similarly, if you bring food and towels in old supermarket bags, you may reuse them to gather rubbish following the BBQ.

  • Using a flashlight or a headlamp

The time of day will determine whether or not you need a headlamp to help you cook. For the most part, the beachside barbecues happen in the late morning or early afternoon. However, if you’re planning an afternoon on the beach followed by an evening cookout, you’ll need to account for that.

While flashlights are useful, they require the use of one’s hand to operate. Headlamps are the ideal barbecue companion in low-light situations.

Best portable gas barbecue available on the market

Weber Go Anywhere Gas BBQ

This portable grill weighs in at a little under 7 kilo’s, making it a perfect alternative for those who want to take their grilling show on beach with them. 

A one-pound propane canister is sufficient to cook a range of simple dishes quickly and conveniently. It’s important to remember that this grill isn’t capable of reaching extremely high temperatures, so it may take a few more minutes to cook your steak to your specifications. 

One significant disadvantage is that the actual cooking space is much less than you might expect. Don’t expect to be able to grill enough meals for an entire family in a single session, which should go without saying. 

Alternatively, if a romantic grilled meal for two sounds appealing, the Weber Go Anywhere Gas BBQ is an excellent choice for your ideal picnic date.

This BBQ is also available in charcoal

The Best Charcoal Grills on the Market

Weber Smokey Joe is the best portable Charcoal grill

We found the Weber 22-inch Original Kettle to be the obvious victor in our tests when it came to full-sized charcoal grills. As it turned out, its smaller sibling performed admirably in our tests as well.

Every feature of the 22-inch Original Weber Smokey Joe is included in a package that is compact enough to be transported to a park or picnic at the beach. 

A handle that wraps around the entire grill adds to the convenience of transporting the barbecue. Unlike the Lodge Cast Iron Grill, which has a high level of cachet, this grill is incredibly dependable—Weber even backs it up with a 10-year warranty on its parts and labour. 

Furthermore, when it comes to impressing your neighbours with the burgers, chicken, even grilled vegetables, the Smokey Joe will always be there for you.

There are many ways to enjoy the beach and a BBQ, check out our beginners guides for more tips n tricks!

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