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Top BBQ Tools


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Whilst there are many nice to have BBQ tools which may be seen as a luxury there are also many Must Have BBQ Tools that you simply should not do without:

The below list are our top 7:

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1. Tongs

Tongs have many uses and are definitely the most used tool on a BBQ that you shouldn’t settle for just one pair.

  • 1 pair to load raw meet on the BBQ and to move the food around.
  • Another pair to remove the cooked food from the barbecue to your plate.
  • A final pair should be reserved for re-arranging charcoal when required.

The main consideration is the length of the tongs.  Don’t settle for kitchen tongs.  You need specific BBQ tongs which will have a longer reach to prevent holding your hands over the hot coals.[amazon table=”2695″]

2. BBQ Brushes

Barbecue brushes are essential to clean the cooking grates before and after your cook.

This will prevent food from sticking and stop your food from tasting like last weekends leftovers!

3. Chimney Starter

Although I have described in another post how to start a charcoal BBQ without a Chimney starter once you have used one you will wonder how you ever did without, it makes starting your BBQ effortless as well as being a good method to measure coals.

For these reasons I have put it on my Must have items list.

4. Instant Read Thermometer

If you have ever overcooked an expensive cut of meat you likely learnt very quickly the importance of a digital instant read thermometer.

Besides overcooking, the last thing you want to do is serve up undercooked chicken to your guests!

For a relatively inexpensive tool it is an essential item for quickly gauging the internal temperature of the meat.

5. BBQ Spatula or Fish Slice

Look for a long-handled spatula with an offset neck specifically for BBQ, this will make it easier to remove / flip food without your hands coming close to the grill.

6. BBQ Mitts

BBQ specific insulated cloth mitts are a necessity when barbecuing.  they wll protect your hand and forearm when managing a charcoal barbecue or reaching to the back of any barbecue.

Barbecue mitts are extremely durable and can withstand the heat.

7. Roasting Tray

Useful for both before and after the cook.

When oiling and seasoning food before the cook,  roasting tray or tin is the ideal work surface, you can then use the tray to transfer the food to the BBQ area.

Once the food is cooked, a roasting tray is the best option to transfer the cooked food to.

There are many options which include disposable trays, here at we don’t like waste so our only recommendations are re-usable ones.

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