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If you enjoy cooking in your backyard, chances are that you’ve encountered BBQ in the rain. Unless it’s extremely heavy (too heavy for you to continue cooking), there are a few things you may do to continue cooking what’s on your grill. Even better, you can arrive prepared – especially if there is a chance of rain but you still need to start your grill!

On a rainy day, here are some techniques for grilling:

  • Locate a shelter

The optimal solution is to construct a permanently covered grilling station that allows you to continue cooking regardless of the weather. However, if this is not possible, there are several interim workarounds. Investing in a barbecue canopy or retractable awning for your porch or patio is a wise decision.

However, if you require an immediate solution, a large patio canopy or tarp should suffice. A 5-gallon pail of water or sand makes an excellent anchor.

  • Prepare your food in advance

If you’re planning a BBQ session on a day when rain is forecast, it’s a good idea to prepare your food in advance in your kitchen. For instance, if you’re preparing to grill some burgers or steaks, you may utilize the reverse searing approach; simply sear them on low heat in the oven and finish cooking them on the grill. This means you’ll spend less time in the rain!

  • Vegetables should be individually wrapped

Pouch your vegetables if you’re cooking a variety of them together in tin foil to make a single packet for the grill. Grill them together rather than separately to cut down on time spent in the rain.

  • Construct a windbreaker

When grilling in the rain, the wind is your greatest adversary. Because your umbrella, tarp, or canopy will be useless, you must improvise a windbreaker. Assemble a “wall” of plywood or comparable material.

Ascertain that it is stable and will not fall on someone or your barbecue!

  • Control the temperature of your grill

Rain will lower the temperature of your grill, so you should take control to ensure that the food is not harmed. To keep the fire burning, you may need to add more fuel if you’re using a charcoal barbecue. If you’re grilling with a gas grill, be prepared for burner blowouts. If this occurs, switch off the gas and open the lid for a few minutes to allow gas to escape before turning it back on.

Strategies to save your BBQ when its a rainy day

Here are some strategies for salvaging the day and turning the tides in your favor if rain falls on the day of your barbecue.

  • Take the BBQ Inside

When the rain suddenly falls, the first thing you’ll do is exit and transfer to the garage; if your garage has a small overhang, as most do, you’ll be fine! or better yet, transfer inside the house. Indoor barbeque grills or a hooded gas barbecue may be a useful ally at this time.

Rather of lamenting the necessity of bringing your grill indoors, why not savour the moment? Your favourite grilled meat would still taste amazing, the fun with all of your friends would continue, and a few beverages and snacks would be added – in any case, it would only take a few steps inside. It is a myth that barbecues must be conducted outdoors. There is nothing wrong with grilling burgers on the stove or in the garage. Create a backup location plan in the receiving area and transform the BBQ into an indoor house party.

  • Barbeques are not entirely related to flame-grilled cooking

Barbecues do not always require cooking over an open flame, at least not for everyone. What we really appreciate about barbecues is the ability to eat outdoors, sipping a refreshing beverage and conversing sweetly with family and friends. It is not necessary for you to cook all of your meals over the coals.

If the rain comes unexpectedly and dampens your fire, you will have to wait for it to stop, which may take an extended length of time in some instances. This will really degrade the quality of the meal you’ve made, especially if the rain falls during the cooking process. It’s wise to have some pre-cooked food that can be oven-cooked, such as burgers and sausages, on hand as a backup plan to keep your friends and guests fed and hydrated.

  • Avoid cancelling the day; instead, change the time

It is preferable to continue even if it is not as originally anticipated than to cease altogether. Hopefully, the rain will not linger the entire day, or much longer if the weather forecast is incorrect. However, no one, not even weather predictors, can truly predict the weather; however, it is all about adapting and being adaptable.

Do not be afraid to contact your friends and guests in advance to inform them that there will be minor scheduling changes. If the weather indicates that rain will fall somewhere in the evening, warn your guests and inform them that the BBQ will take place in the afternoon. Otherwise, if rain is forecast for midmorning to early afternoon, ask people over for a barbeque dinner, which the majority of your guests will be able to attend. And if not, keep the grill going at the scheduled hour, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the good times!

In any case, your friends and guests will understand that you have no control over the weather.

  • Crock-pot Barbeque

This is an excellent way to grill on a wet day. The recipes are straightforward; the components are readily available in most shops, and you probably already have them in your home!

The fun thing about crock-pot barbecue is that you can experiment with different spice combinations or sauces each time you cook the same dish, and, in addition to the traditional meat dishes such as spare ribs, briskets, fish, and steaks, there are a variety of desserts and side dishes to try as well. However, if you’re having beef brisket or pork tenderloins, you can remove them from the slow cooker by mid-morning, unless rain is anticipated in your area. You’ll be shocked at how soft and juicy the meat becomes! And the best part is that you’ll have more time to spend entertaining your guests or having fun with them rather than watching or waiting for the meat to cook for extended periods of time.

  • Escape the rain without moving

If all else fails, it’s time to go back to the basics and rent or purchase a garden gazebo. This could be a last option or the very first thought that comes to mind for someone who has planned an outside event on a day when the weather is not cooperating. In either case, no one can refute its efficiency in the event of such occurrences.

All of the aforementioned methods (with the exception of the first, which involves putting the grill indoors) can be summarized in order to make this particular choice as efficient as feasible.

Gazebos are the quickest answer that anyone can conceive of when a scheduled function falls on an inclement day, without the hassles of having to leave the garden. Thus, the danger of having to adjust or modify all other variables necessary to make the event viable, such as the food selection, etc. (as well as everything else listed above) can be minimized in exchange for a small investment. This is also a very effective cure for situations where all of the plans have been put out and the time required to re-plan everything without changing the date has passed.

Grill Rain Umbrella

If you lack the time or abilities to construct a structure for your barbecue, a barbeque grill umbrella would probably suffice if the rain is not too severe and the wind is not too strong.

A grill rain umbrella is often quite heat resistant and stands tall, far enough away from the grill surface that it is unlikely to come into contact with the heat. For decades, hot dog vendors on the beach have utilized the umbrella over grill concept. While this method will not work in hurricane conditions, it is ideal for beach days with light rain.

Advantages to grilling in the rain

A rainy day indicates that the air is moist. Because of the low evaporation, your meal will remain wet and juicy for a longer period of time.

In addition, we prefer to barbecue with the cover closed to keep the rain and wind out of the grill. The additional smoke enhances the flavour of everything you are grilling.

So, barbecuing outside while it’s raining isn’t altogether a bad idea. Providing your meal does not go soggy on the way to your house, it will taste even better.

Grilling in the rain, on the other hand, presents problems and safety risks. It is possible to make poor decisions under these circumstances.

Avoid the following actions to be on the safe side

No matter how enticing it may appear, grilling in your garage is never a good idea. It will quickly fill with smoke, which will be able to seep inside the house. The most dangerous aspect of smoking is that it contains carbon monoxide and other toxic substances that can be fatal.

Not to mention that you can have a fire going in your garage, where you most likely have a lawnmower and an extra gas tank with some gas left in it. It only takes one spark from a bursting coal to completely devastate your life.

As previously indicated, you should not place your grill beneath a garage door, overhang, or tarp that is less than 6 feet taller than grill itself.

It’s best not to let it pour directly on the meal or on the coals. Rain will not only soak the meal and cool the coals, but it will also project ash all over your food due to the wind and heavy drips.

Avoid the wind

A windbreak should be constructed whenever possible when the wind is flipping your burgers. Wind protection is not provided by patio umbrellas or BBQ canopies. Covered grilling stations and awnings are useless if the wind is blowing in the opposite direction of what you’re trying to do.

A rudimentary wall or wind block can be constructed out of a sheet of plywood or other comparable material to keep the wind at bay. Ensure, however, that it is sufficiently stable so that it does not fall on someone or the grill.


With a little planning, you’ll be able to cook in any weather conditions and produce fantastic results. Great chefs have the ability to improvise. Finding solutions to the problem of grilling in the rain will make you a more skilled cook in the long term. When it comes to entertaining, professional chefs and pit masters know how to keep things orderly, keep an eye on their cuisine, and maintain their composure. They plan for adverse weather well in advance of when it really occurs.

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