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If you are new to home BBQ you have come to the right place. Our beginners guides takes you through everything you need to know when choosing your first BBQ including types of BBQ, maintaining your BBQ and year round grilling!

  • Where There’s Smoke, There’s BBQ!

    According to Mintel International’s Menu Insights, barbecue is rising steadily in restaurants, with overall barbecue menu items increasing 11% from the fourth quarter of 2016 to the fourth quarter of 2019. (MMI). Boneless chicken wings (up 32%), chicken wings (up 13%), barbecue pizza (up 13%), and bacon burgers are among the fastest increasing menu items…

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  • Meater Plus

    Texas BBQ: A Brief History

    There is no way to avoid the famed Texas BBQ when visiting Texas. Why would you want to, anyway? BBQ is more than just a regional dish in Texas. Barbecue is a weekend activity, a communal festival, and a source of Texan pride. You’ve undoubtedly crossed into New Mexico by mistake if you find a…

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  • American BBQ Eatery

    Americas Best BBQ Eatery

    Although we all love to BBQ, sometimes it makes a nice change to eat BBQ out. It supports local business and can give you inspiration too. So why not up your Pitmasters game and check out our list of Americas Best BBQ Eatery’s! Eli’s BBQ in Ohio Many days a week, the queue to try…

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  • close up photo of black metal charcoal grill

    Evolution Of Barbecue In The Style Of Santa Maria

    A brief history of Barbecue in the Style of Santa Maria In an age of changeable tastes and culinary fads, Santa Maria-Style barbecue continues to demonstrate that excellent taste and tradition never die. The origins of Santa Maria-Style barbecue may be traced back to the mid-1800s, when huge ranches dotted the hillsides of the Santa…

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  • man in red and white plaid dress shirt cooking meat

    The Best American BBQ Styles

    American BBQ is considered to be one of the nation’s most important culinary traditions. But where do you begin with four primary regional styles, as well as substyles, and an increasing number of other states that are becoming increasingly popular? From Texas to the Carolinas, our BBQ style guide will assist you in creating the…

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  • bbq history

    A Brief History Of BBQ

    Barbecue’s history is burning hot. Barbecue has become a staple in American cuisine. In fact, one may even claim that barbecue is the original American food, as it is a blend of different influences and grew into what it is today via the merging of cultures, representing the melting pot that is this country. But…

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  • tips for the perfect bbq

    9 Tips for the Perfect BBQ – Read Now Before Starting Your Next BBQ

    To host the perfect BBQ, you should follow these BBQ tips: Finding a comfortable balance between preparing food and enjoying your event can be difficult, but these BBQ tips will help you reach that middle ground. Keep reading to learn how to prepare food, manage your guests, and create contingency plans to ensure the perfect…

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  • Different Types of Barbecues: Pros and Cons

    What is a barbecue? A barbecue, or grill, is a cooking appliance that cooks food by exposing it to radiant heat from below. The word “barbecue” can also refer to the event of preparing and eating such foods. In this blog post we will be discussing different types of barbecues including what they are as…

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  • Christmas Dinner On The BBQ

    Christmas Dinner On The BBQ

    For some, the suggestion of Christmas dinner on the BBQ would be madness! Amazing Product Item Consequatur et qui est deleniti eveniet illo quia. Provident quo occaecati debitis vel nihil voluptatibus odio est. Occaecati tempore nemo ut nobis ad necessitatibus saepe. Ut nulla aut eligendi quaerat ea autem. Et non voluptatem quidem. Pros Cons Shopping…

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  • BBQ In The Rain - Indoor Charcoal BBQ

    Is it safe to use an Indoor Charcoal BBQ? What you need to know!

    Why should charcoal be used with caution indoors? When using an indoor charcoal BBQ extreme caution should be taken. When charcoal in nearly any form is ignited, it creates lethal amounts of poisons and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a highly hazardous gas produced when carbon in the air is not completely burned. When charcoal…

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  • bbq in the rain

    BBQ In The Rain | A Simple Guide For You

    If you enjoy cooking in your backyard, chances are that you’ve encountered BBQ in the rain. Unless it’s extremely heavy (too heavy for you to continue cooking), there are a few things you may do to continue cooking what’s on your grill. Even better, you can arrive prepared – especially if there is a chance…

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  • BBQ Mistakes

    Most Common BBQ Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    There are numerous factors to consider and numerous typical errors to avoid when attempting to obtain, say, a flawlessly grilled steak and BBQ. As a beginner, it’s critical to understand what these BBQ mistakes are and how to avoid them. This way, you’ll be well on your way to being an expert griller in no…

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  • how to clean a bbq

    How To Clean a BBQ: A Step By Step Guide For You

    This guide will demonstrate many tips & tricks on how to clean a BBQ thoroughly. A conventional charcoal grill will resemble a kettle with three legs and wheels (or without). Your charcoal grill’s bottom section will include an ash catcher and a firebox with a vent for starting a charcoal fire. A charcoal grill’s cooking…

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  • bbq party

    How To Take Your Summer BBQ Party To The Next Level

    It’s not difficult to plan the perfect BBQ party if you follow a few basic procedures. BBQ Party Guests To begin, no BBQ is complete without company. Plan ahead of time and confirm with your visitor any scheduling conflicts or issues. Finding a day and time that works for everyone should not be difficult if…

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  • best beach bbq

    Tips For The Best Beach BBQ

    The preparation is everything when it comes to having the best beach BBQ. Apart from the obvious; food, grill, and fuel, we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure your BBQ runs as smoothly as possible. Choose grill-friendly meats; steaks, burgers, and sausages all cook rapidly, but a plump chicken breast takes much longer. If…

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  • ultimate bbq shack

    Building The Ultimate BBQ Shack | Things You Should Consider

    Summer’s in the past, you are giving your BBQ a final clean before putting it into storage for the Winter.  All you can think about is Spring coming so that you can dust off the BBQ tongs again;  Why wait until Spring?  Building the ultimate BBQ shack will allow you to enjoy your cooks year…

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  • how to light a charcoal bbq

    How To Light a Charcoal BBQ Without Firelighters

    So, you have purchased your first charcoal BBQ, you have it set up, prepped your food for your first cook. What next? It’s time to fire it up! But How to light a charcoal BBQ without Fire Lighters? This might sound straight forward, and it is if you know the correct techniques, if you get…

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